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Regulatory advice and advocacy

Wind Turbines

We help companies make sense of the more than 180,000 pages of federal regulations on the books.  We analyze existing and proposed rules, draft and file comments, meet with regulators, and challenge rules in court. Recent highlights include securing a $4 million tariff exclusion for a client, helping another qualify for a DOE loan guarantee, and saving an Environmental Protection Agency program that was slated for elimination by the Trump Administration.

Legislative counsel

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We've forged bipartisan consensus and passed laws on highly contentious issues at a time when legislation naming post offices can take years to pass. We can provide substantive and strategic guidance, refine your message, and help build the types of broad coalitions that are essential for legislating in the age of the endless filibuster.

Your Washington, DC office


We've saved clients millions by operating as their all-purpose Washington representative, obviating the need for the company to lease office space and hire staff.  We integrate into clients' teams and interface with their Congressional delegation, regulators, trade associations, and coalitions.  And we translate the noise of Washington into clear, actionable information for executives at headquarters.

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